The New York Times won’t stop reminding me that I only have 2 more free articles left for this month. (You now get 20, and if you want more you have to subscribe). I didn’t realize that I read as much of the Times as I did. But now that I know, I’ll have to pace myself better for May, and hope that the rest of this month is a slow news cycle. This piece about Obama’s mother, though, was totally worth it. What a fascinating woman.

Early last month, the Big Girls started walking to school again. They are the first car in the school train, picking up neighborhood kids on the way.

Despite the fact that they leave the house so early in the morning (school starts ridiculously early here), with them getting themselves to school, our mornings have been more relaxing.

Have a great weekend.


One thought on “107

  1. They look so adorable..I am waiting for the day my little one will dress up herself to school..time flies isn’t it..Have a lovely weekend to you..I hope you get some rest and fresh mind for more writing..

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