A post to make you feel good about yourself today

Two months ago, I went to the passport office to get my kids’ passports.

When the passports came back in the mail two weeks later, I thought the kids looked adorable. I got them all excited about their trip to India. We talked about where the stamps would go, what the plane ride would be like, what we would see in India.

My husband came home from work and looked at the passports. He looked a little disgusted, and then said–

“They spelled S’s middle name wrong.”

“What?” I said. “What do you mean?” I flipped open her passport. “No they didn’t.”

He gave me his are-you-kidding-me stare. “Uh, yeah they did. There’s not supposed to be an ‘h’ in it.”

I contacted the passport office, and they informed me that I could mail it to the passport office in Charleston where they error would be corrected.

A week later, the passport came back, uncorrected. Because the misspelling was “applicant” error, we’d have to go back, wait another 2 hours in line, pay the full fees, and get a brand-spanking-new passport for her.

And do you know why I made the mistake in misspelling S’s name? It wasn’t because I was tired, or was filling out three applications at once. It was because I actually forgot how we had decided to spell her middle name.

When it comes to that third baby, I guess you really don’t pay nearly as much attention to things.

Now, go feel good about your parenting today…


11 thoughts on “A post to make you feel good about yourself today

  1. Don’t feel bad! I frequently forget how to spell Parker’s middle name, and I don’t have that “3rd kid” excuse! We actually anticipated we would have this problem so we specifically went with the spelling that matches a nearby hospital (Elliot) so every time I write/type it, I stop and think “two L’s, one T, like the hospital)

  2. I routinely forget my kid’s birthdays. Arun was due on 10/15/05, but had the audacity to be born a date later, when his due date would be been nice numbers divisible neatly by 5. I am sure he was just screwing with his accountant mother. And my own Anjali? Was born on 07/09/07. I NEVER get her birthday right.

    At the gym, I have to write down their birthays during nursery sign-in. I suspect the employees there are not so impressed with how flustered I get.

  3. I once told our insurance the wrong birth years for my two younger girls. Not on purpose, obviously. It all worked out… Eventually…

  4. That’s funny, Holly. I guess the second set of fees to the passport office should remind me of the spelling from now on…

  5. I forget birth YEARS. My third one, especially. When I registered her for preschool, I made her one year younger. The school thought initially she was exceptionally bright… Then when I corrected them, the teacher was like, “oh, that makes sense!”

  6. I can only imagine what hell it would have been if we had used the passport, then realized the mistake. At least we hadn’t traveled yet with it!

  7. (comment regarding last comment from you): Hmmm… do you think that it would have been a problem at all? Who would have noticed? You don’t have to show her birth certificate along with the passport anywhere. Unless it’s a problem with the last name (which wouldn’t otherwise match with the rest of the family), I guess a misspelled given name wouldn’t be a big deal. I know you want and feel that you need to get it right, but if you had to travel tomorrow, I’m sure you could!

    Now, my comment to the post. Your post didn’t make me feel good at all, just reminded of how frazzled and “mom brained” parenting makes us.

  8. LOL – I’m glad I only have one child. My husband calls me by her name, and her by mine – we just laugh at him.

    (and yeah, what is the name?)

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