You know you’re in a snowstorm when…

All of Atlanta is completely shut down– the major highways that have been plowed and salted, the side roads that haven’t been touched– it’s equal opportunity disaster out there. You can’t drive no matter what type of road surface.

Yesterday my husband shoveled the driveway and I salted it. I’m not sure what the point was– because unless we want to drive the cars up and down the driveway, it’s not going to make a damn difference. Apparently, our first chance of sunshine to melt the ice won’t be until tomorrow afternoon. I doubt the kids will go back to school before Thursday. The clinics were closed today, so even my husband is home again today.

I’m already rationing food– no more hot chocolate. We need to make that remaining half gallon of milk last until later in the week, though I suppose if necessary one of us can trudge to the grocery store that’s about a mile away.

We’ll spend today visiting neighbors, taking in kids for play dates, farming out others. At least we’ll get out of the house. Otherwise, I’ve revised the first twenty pages of my novel (again). I’ll try to do some yoga at home. I’ve reduced my email inbox from over a thousand messages to less than 20. I deleted most of the blogs I don’t read regularly from my Google reader.

I hope wherever you are, you are staying warm, and have plenty of bread and milk.


2 thoughts on “You know you’re in a snowstorm when…

  1. Girl, you’d be rolling on the floor and laughing if you saw me in the snow now! So glad you’re back to blogging! Will check in!

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