How To Train Your Child To Draw Dragons

There’s 7 Bean Soup in the Crock Pot, hot chocolate waiting for my kids walking back from the bus stop, yoga for me, and a fireplace going every night at home. Still, it’s been hard to keep the chill out. Today’s high hovers in the low thirties, but the wind chill is in the single digits. Sunday, when wet fat snowflakes fell, the girls insisted on going outside. But otherwise, in the past 2 weeks, there have been few days above 40 degrees. If Cabin Fever produced heat, we’d be pretty comfortable. I’ve been told that Thursday will be in the fifties, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

It’s been so cold, that I’ve actually considered getting myself a pair of UGG boots. I hate how those boots look, but I tried them on today and found them so comfortable! I didn’t like the flat soled styles, but I loved the ones with the arch! The prices are out of control, so now I’m trying to find the best UGG knock-offs. Any ideas?

*  *  *  *  *

When Middle Daughter was about 4 years old, she transferred her obsession with cars to an obsession with dragons. She’s now 6.5 years old, and is still really into dragons. She reads dragon books, she plays with dragons (we have at least a dozen toy dragons), she paints dragon models, dresses up as a dragon, and puts together dragon puzzles. But mostly, she draws dragons. Over and over again. Every single day, for hours a day.

At the parent-teacher conference earlier this year, I flipped through her composition notebook. In between short essays and math work, were pages and pages of dragons– fire-breathing, flying, fighting. Recently, I looked through the kids’ artwork on my iPhone (I take pictures of what they make and email them to relatives). Sure enough, I found dozens and dozens of her dragon drawings. It was then that I realized the enormity of this passion.

Here are a few of my favorites:


5 thoughts on “How To Train Your Child To Draw Dragons

  1. Aw… nice dragon drawings. That’s a fun obsession she has! 🙂

    Anyway… ugg boots are the uggliest thing ever, but, with an arch, not so much! I didn’t even know they made them with “arches” (?). Well, as for knockoffs, I see the flat ones all the time (I tried the Costco one on, it’s pretty good, very “fluffy” lining), but I don’t think I’ve seen arched ones. 😦

    You are right about them being so comfy. Now I bought two boots already (I think I regret the brown ones, though 😦 ) so I can’t cave in to the uggliness anymore. Uggh!

  2. Haha! I have a dragon-loving daughter too and I was SO excited to see the title of this blog post on FB. I clicked over to get the tutorial on how to draw dragons. Love your daughters pics. Tell her I want her to teach Kate how to draw dragons as beautifully as she does

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Tertia! Perhaps I should have my daughter write a blog post about her dragon-drawing obsession!

  4. Your daughter is quite talented when it comes to drawing. My neighbor’s son was obsessed with dinosaurs for many, many years. He did eventually outgrow it. It’s interesting how different children become obsessed with different things.

    As for the Uggs, I’ve run screaming the other way. But several years ago, my husband got me a knock off pair for Christmas. I NEVER wore them (except as slippers around the house) because they just weren’t me. For the first time last night I actually wore them outside. I guess I needed the skinny jean to come along so I could wear them fashionably. After he saw me wearing them (the knockoffs), he asked me if I wanted the real thing. I told him NO WAY! Too expensive, and I’m not a teenager anymore. (I just associate them with teens.) Having said that, the ones with the heels/arches aren’t too bad. And I know the price seems outrageous, but if you spend the money and wear them for 10 years, then you’ll have definitely gotten your money’s worth. I say go for it and treat yourself to the real thing. You deserve it!

  5. I saw some knock-offs in Kohl’s the other day. But they didn’t have the arches, and if they don’t have the arches I find them incredibly uncomfortable. If my husband hasn’t gotten me a X-mas gift yet, maybe I’ll get him to buy them!!! I have worn some of the Dansko clogs I have for over ten years. But I buy those at the outlet, so I’m only paying half of what they cost. Now I just need an UGGs outlet.

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