Opening Up

I remember watching The View a while back. Lisa Ling, former co-host of The View, returned to do a report. The topic turned to marriage and kids. She was married, knew she wanted kids, and was already over 35– but she wasn’t ready. Most of the panel told her that there was never a good time to have a baby, but Barbara Walters advised that Ling shouldn’t have a baby when she wasn’t ready.

I thought of all of my friends who have experienced infertility, my friends who have experienced miscarriage and still birth, I thought about my own miscarriages. I wished that I could be the one sitting next to Ling on that set, so that I could tell her something I wish I had known. Sometimes you don’t get to have a baby when you’re ready. So start now.

Unfortunately, like many of us, Ling found out the hard way that babies don’t necessarily come when you want them to. Six months ago, she had a miscarriage.

While I am so sad whenever I hear about miscarriage, I am grateful that more and more celebrities have started opening up about it. Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Lilly Allen and Giuliana Rancic (who documented her miscarriage on her reality show). These are brave, brave women, to share such news to the world. I applaud them. Ling has gone one step further by creating a website that supports women, no matter what kind issues they are dealing with.

I sure hope Ling, and all of these women, get the children their hearts desire.


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