This stinks

It was an innocent mistake.

A few weeks ago, I loaded groceries into the car, and forgot that the extra reusable bags I brought into the store, were thrown in a pile on top of an actual bag of groceries. Apparently, when I unloaded the groceries into the house, I assumed that I had unloaded everything– but the bag of groceries hidden by the unused reusable bags remained in the car.

Fast forward two weeks.

Rotted apple cider, greek yogurt, and cheese exploded in the trunk of my minivan, soaking deep into the carpet in the trunk of the car. The size of the stain runs the entire width of the car.

I’ve tried bleach, vinegar, carpet cleaner– everything. I’ve cut out the foam that went underneath the carpet of the minivan. I’ve scrubbed the carpet for days. Most of the smell is gone, but it’s still there.

I don’t know that I can do anything else, unless I actually cut out the carpet of the car. An enormous stain is still there, and it’s not coming out.

Right now I’m thinking I’ll have to get it professionally cleaned. But wanted to find out if there was anything else I can do.

Any ideas?


11 thoughts on “This stinks

  1. How about simple green?

    If all else fails, I use this stuff you can only get at Home Depot called folex. It takes the pee smell outta my house. I don’t know what’s in it and I don’t wanna know.

    Try a steamer?

  2. I would try Nature’s Miracle. it’s the only thing that worked to get the smell out when my cat peed in my car. They have it at vet’s or pet food stores and some hardware stores (my Tru-Value).

  3. Ditch the van and get your little audi back. I will forever remember you and your precious little one in your sporty car while i drove around in my geeky volvo wagon!

  4. Ha ha, Ellen. Actually, it was a Saab. But boy, do I miss that car. As soon as the baby is out of a car seat, I’m getting a used VW Beetle.

    I’m sure a part of my subconscious WANTED to punish my minivan with rotten apple cider…

  5. Will definitely look for the folex. Don’t have a steamer (don’t have any carpet), but might try to borrow one.

  6. Oxi-clean works really well on organic stains and smells – especially their “Max” version. But maybe you’ve already tried that. I’ll share two commiseration stories: 1. I spilled a cup of milk in my 1993 Honda Civic on a 105 degree day in Texas. That smell lingered for 10 years, no joke. 2. My darling children put a half eaten apple inside the retractable cup holder in the back seat this past summer, and then closed it. When we opened it weeks later, well, we had something like apple cider, but furrier.
    Best of luck, I feel for you. And I’m not riding in that van at Christmas. 🙂

  7. I have no idea. I remember that my grandmother once spilled milk in the back of her pale yellow boat of a car, and it smelled for the rest of its days.

  8. Helen has barfed in my car multiple times. Yay, reflux. Get coffee beans, put them in a brown paper lunchbag, and staple or tape the bag closed. Place in the back of your van where it stinks the most. Every few days, squeeze nd shake the bag to release more oils from the coffee beans. The smell will eventually be absorbed by the coffee. Bizarre, but true.

    I’m no help for the stain, though.

  9. I’d be happy to live with the stain, if I could get rid of the stink! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll definitely try it!

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