Peaks and Valleys

On Monday, I flew out to the Arizona desert to spend three nights with a dear friend from college. It was my first real trip away from my family since I became a mother almost 9 years ago.




I needed this trip. Not because I don’t have time to myself (I do). Not because the kids were driving me crazy (they weren’t). I needed time to think. I needed time to be with a friend who knew me long before I became a mother. I needed the chance to process things. But also, I needed to remember who I was without a family to define me.

And so, I drank. I got a massage and a pedicure. I stared out the window of the airplane at nothing but bright blue sky. I chewed my food slowly and carefully. I lounged by a pool, my face turned to the warm sun. I daydreamed.

I did things at my own pace, following the natural rhythm of the day. I got up early because I wanted to enjoy the peace of the sunrise, not because I had to.


I gave myself the gift of the present moment.

What else could a mom ask for?


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