Letters to a Soldier

I am getting my ass kicked in the bidding over at Do the Write Thing for Nashville. Have you been over there? Wow, there’s some great stuff for writers — critiques by editors and agents, phone call conversations with editors and agents, signed copies of books, the list goes on. I’ve bid on three items now, all items that either eventually went for $700 or more, or are quickly on their way. Some stuff has gone for over $1,000. I’m very, very happy that The Music City is getting a little of what they need. I just wish the bidding didn’t go so high!

If you’re not interested in their writerly items, or can’t afford the high cost of bidding, please click on over anyway to make a direct donation.

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My cousin, who is nine months younger than me, is a marine who is stationed in Afghanistan right now. We grew up together as kids, and I’m terribly worried about him.

Unfortunately, I’m also terrible at writing letters. (I have lost numerous friends, pre-internet age, because I didn’t write them back.) But I recently sent a photocard to my cousin from Hal!mark, where I could completely customize the text. I ended up writing an entire letter. The nice thing, is that once you enter in the very complicated military address, the website saves it, and you don’t have to type it out again. But also? The cards are $3.49, and the stamp is free. Not bad. A handwritten letter would be more personal, but wow, the ease of which one can download photos to the front, inside, and back of the card, and then write almost as much as one wants to is very, very convenient.

My plan was to do this every week, but I’m now having a lot of trouble using the site. A phone call to customer service didn’t help.

So here’s my question. Do you recommend any sites that let you send personalized photo cards? I want a card that I can write a long message in. And I want something where I can easily upload several photos. I’d like to get out another card ASAP.


2 thoughts on “Letters to a Soldier

  1. I’m a shutterfly user, myself. Holiday cards, invitations, thank you notes – all of them I make using shutterfly and photos. I also do photo albums and even baby books there.

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