I did not grow up going to beaches as a child. Neither of my parents cared for the sun and the heat. But I went several times as a high school and then college student, and I got hooked.

I love sitting or walking along the beach. I could watch the waves, with the salty air pushing my hair in every direction, for hours a day.

We usually take the kids to the beach twice a year. These are usually short, 2-4 day trips. Like me, my children are not adventurous in the ocean. They skirt along the edges, and jump into the waves that crest and crash right along the shoreline. They pick up shells, poke at dead jellyfish with a stick, and build forts in the sand.

Last week, for Spring Break, we made a very last minute trip to Isle of Palms, South Carolina. It’s about 20 minutes north of Charleston.

We spent the first half of the two days at the beach, then made our way to Sullivan’s Island (to visit Fort Moultrie) and Charleston for a carriage ride through the historic districts.

But by far, we loved the beach the most.

(My 2-year old, in heaven.)


6 thoughts on “Beaches

  1. I love the beach, too. I’ve been going to the same place for about 30 odd years. It’s Litchfield Beach in SC. Not far from where you were. Worth a visit, for sure.

    We are planning a trip again this year to a different beach, but won’t be making it to Litchfield. I’ll miss it.

  2. My parents were beach goers and I love the beach. It’s one of the things I missed the most living in the Northeastern USA. I think I must have gone like 6 times in 8 years, at most. It was great to move here and have “The Shore” not that far away!

    Anyway, wow. I’m blown away by how awesome your daughter’s hair looks! I know it’s like that beautiful and long ’cause she was already born with lots of hair (my boys were completely bald). Any online albums I could take a look at, please? (all of them must be so big and grown). If you want to see any photos of us (I’m always proposing an exchange — LOVED the Xmas card, BTW), I just posted an album to facebook!

  3. Hmmm…envious. My kids are the same at the beach. Our last seaside trip seems like long ago (leaving aside a couple of hours at the city beach in Sydney) and the next one seems long overdue..

  4. Lilian,

    All three were born with a full head of hair but my first and third were born with a wig. When it’s wet, it stretches down to her butt.

    The cascading curls will only last another year or so. They all start out with gorgeous curls, but by age 3.5 or so, they are all gone. 😦

  5. Oh no, I’m sorry the curls disappear. Perhaps when the hormones kick in, it may come back a bit? It must be hard to take care of so much hair on such a young person, but it’s just so beautiful that it’s worth it!

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