Subliminal Word Verifications

I think the internet is trying to tell me something.

About two minutes ago, this is the word verification I was asked to type, before entering a comment on a friend’s blog:

diumb (I suppose it could have had “ass” after it, which would have been worse.)

Earlier this week, I swear, I was asked to type this one:

smart hoed  (At least the internet thinks I’m smart, right?)

Last week, I’m not kidding, this is what I had to type,

sleesey bags (Sleeze bag, anyone)

Does this happen to anyone else but me? It’s a good thing I’m relatively mentally stable. If not, I’d have to go kill myself.

For those of you who celebrate Easter/Passover, hope you had and have a great holiday.

And Happy Spring for the rest of you!


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