When We Level The Playing Field

She runs like the wind when she has the football. Her long stride carries her  swiftly over the field.

You get that girl, yells the coach from the opposing team. (To which, my husband and I laughingly reply, No, don’t get that girl!) Our 8-year old daughter is one of the fastest players in the league. All the coaches know this and warn their players accordingly.

I’ll tell you what’s far more satisfying than watching your daughter get a touchdown, though: seeing her treated just like all of the other boys on the field; finding out that her coach used one of her suggestions for a play; watching her teammates slap her on the back and tell her she did a good job; hearing her sisters cheer for her on the sideline.

Hearing these words from her after the game: Mom, I really love football.


5 thoughts on “When We Level The Playing Field

  1. That’s awesome! Congrats to her. I wish I had kept at my sports when I was little. I was a truly terrible ballet dancer but awesome at field hockey, really good at swimming, pretty good at tennis and decent at figure skating. What did I stick with the longest? Ballet. I had to give them all up to debate, though, which I regret.

  2. I was never one for team sports. I did Tae Kwon Do for a few years, and then quit a few months before I would have gotten a black belt. I gave it all up for drama, convinced that I’d be a famous actress some day. (And we all know how that turned out!)

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