Are you what you eat? Or does what you eat, eat at you?

Two views here on platform:

Literary Agent Janet Reid gives a sobering spiel on having a platform NOW, instead of the future. She says you shouldn’t bother contacting an agent if you don’t have one. And that she’d rather a writer not have a blog at all, than a writer have a blog with few or no followers.

(Note to self: Continue bribing readers of blog to keep blogging and commenting.)

Writer Betsy Lerner says if you don’t like blogging, don’t blog, and many people in her comments agree. But I’m wondering about this. Because even traditional publishing houses don’t do the same amount of publicity that they once did, and blogging is free publicity for your book. I guess what I’d say, is that if you truly don’t want to blog, at least become active on Facebook and Twitter.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Peggy Orenstein coined a new term in her most recent NY Times piece. It’s Femivore. I’m certainly a herbivore, but sadly, since I hate cooking, and gardening, and leading a relatively housebound life, I’ll never be a femivore. A bona fide femivore responds to Peggy’s piece, and wonders just how feminist she is.

What do you think?


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