Season Greetings

A couple weeks ago, my 8-year old spent a few hours making an elaborate Christmas card for her teacher. All in all, there were 10 pages, front and the back, and stapled together at the top. Several sentences on each page described all the things she liked about her teacher. She told me she was going to have the entire class sign it.

My daughter makes cards for her teacher all the time. In fact, she’s made cards for her teachers since she was Kindergarten. But rarely does she remember to actually give the cards to them. So after they’ve been drawn on by a younger sister or had something spilled on them, I end up putting them in the recycling bin with all the other half-completed mounds of artwork.

A few days after she made this particular card — essentially, a book — for her 2nd grade teacher, I didn’t see it again. I assumed that she didn’t like her finished product and tossed it.

Today was the 2nd grade winter party. After we’d cleaned up the pizza and craft mess, the room parent presented the teacher a card and gift from the class. And then, my daughter sprung to her feet and presented the card she had made a few weeks back. She had brought it to school, and hidden it in her desk all this time — and had managed to have the entire class sign it.

I had no idea.

The parents in the back of the room were stunned. “How sweet! They made their own card for her!” Ms. K, her teacher, spent the next five minutes reading the card to her entire class. My daughter had gone into great detail about why her teacher was so special on page after page after page. The parents at the back of the room got teary-eyed. I could hardly hold it together myself.

I knew my daughter had a wonderful teacher. But to find out, through the verses of this card, exactly how wonderful, really moved all of us parents. And while I am thankful for so many things this holiday season, I am especially thankful for the teachers who teach and love my children.

*  *  *  *

My younger two have strep. We have family coming in town on Sunday. I haven’t sent out the Christmas cards or worked on my critique pages yet. So I’ll just tell you now, just in case I’m not back for a while, to have a wonderful end of December, whether you celebrate anything or not.

I’m technologically-challenged, up at skirt!


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