Nov. 1 — 3,020 words

A few days ago, I talked myself out of NaNoWriMo (well, for me it’s NaMeWriMo). Then I read Sue’s blog (can’t find the post where she says she’s doing it) and GeekyMom’s blog — and promptly borrowed some of their enthusiasm. And then I remembered Amy mustering through the month last year, and how brave I thought she was for even attempting it. (And Amy finished!) And this rah-rah post really got me motivated.

So I talked myself out of talking myself out of it. Then I decided that I was going to make myself write 2,000 words a day. Except I’ll skip Thanksgiving and the day of my daughter’s birthday party save a few more days off for when one of us is sick.

This morning I got up before anyone else, and wrote for an hour. By the end of an hour I had about 800 words. While my husband made pancakes, I wrote down another 400 words. And while the baby sat on my lap with play-dough, I wrote another 200. While the kids ate breakfast, I got to word # 2,007, and the end of a chapter, so I stopped.

I was hoping to get a reasonable outline together before starting, but that didn’t happen. I was also hoping that the baby’s new nap time was just a farce, and that she would go back to napping around 1:00 as opposed to 2:00. (The problem now being that she falls asleep only thirty minutes before my other two walk in the door from school.)

The good news is, is that our new babysitter (who is awesome, by the way) will be watching the baby for 3 hours, two mornings a week. On those days when I have some childcare, I know I can get to 2,000 words. The bad news is that the baby still couldn’t care less about watching TV for the days I don’t have childcare. (Believe me, I tried.) The other good news is that my knee started bothering me again so much, that I had to put a hold on my gym membership. No working out means more time to write.

The first 2,000 words came easily to me. There’s something incredibly liberating about writing without the limitations of revising or editing. I can write irresponsibly and not care. But I know it will get harder. Also, I’m forcing myself to do all fresh pages — I’m not allowed to use any of the 20ish pages I have in my book proposal.

Since it’s only the beginning, the ideas are plentiful, the writing is invigorating. This afternoon, while the baby was napping and the older two watched a movie, I wrote another 1,000 words. I’m wondering whether I should try to write 3,000 words a day for the first 10 days, while I have the energy and the adrenaline going. But my 5-year old now has a fever and will be home from school tomorrow. I’ll just have to see how it goes.

Bring on the caffeine and the Halloween chocolate. Only 47,000ish words to go.


4 thoughts on “Nov. 1 — 3,020 words

  1. Go go go! Hooray for you. I find a blog post a day to be beyond my abilities this year so I will cheer you on from the sidelines. Great start! Keep going!

  2. Congrats! I got 1500 words myself, which was hard since I waited until the end of the day to do it. I’ll be at a conference later this week so I’m nervous about getting the writing in then, too. I know I can get some done on the plane trip to and from, but in between? It will either have to come early in the morning or (less likely) later in the evening. But I’ll be plugging away best I can.

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