If chlorine is a food group…

then we are doing quite well this summer. We’ve been to the pool so many times in the past two months, my entire house permanently smells like the inside of the swimming pool. I now have one reason to look forward to the start of school next week — my escape from Glorified Bathing with Strangers. Though now that my 5-year has gotten her first taste of the enormous outdoor slide, it’s quite possible we’ll be at the pool every day from now until Monday.

We had a lovely day on Sunday. Thanks so much to all of you for the well wishes. It was a simple day, which involved working out in the morning, taking the two Big Girls for shopping, and sharing our ice cream cake with our next door neighbors. Afterward, I went with my neighbor to get a pedicure, while the dads played frisbee in the backyard with all the kids.

My Kindle is my new lover. I take it to bed with me every night, we stay up way too late, and I’m exhausted in the morning. I just finished my first book, The Help. After about 2 minutes I didn’t even realize I was reading it on a screen.

I’m having an art attack, up at skirt!


3 thoughts on “If chlorine is a food group…

  1. I wish there was a pool we could go to (we’re not Y members), but we have two friends with pools and we try to go once a week or every two weeks to their pools.

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