Say Nothing

I’m sorry I haven’t written much. I just don’t have anything to say.

Well, except:

1. I love a president who doesn’t need his teleprompter to talk. Actually, I love a president who just knows how to talk.

2. Every Panera Bread in this entire country must set its thermostat at 50 degrees. I’m typing in a sweater coat and jeans, and I’m still freezing. I’ve been in PB’s in about 5 different states, and I have this problem in all of them. My butt is practically frozen to the seat. I’m considering ordering a hot chocolate in 90 degree weather. What keeps me returning, is that it’s often the closest place to wherever I am that offers free wi-fi.

3. I’m swimming upstream, as usual, over at skirt!


2 thoughts on “Say Nothing

  1. I know. Even when I’m not loving what he’s saying, I’m loving listening to intelligent discourse from national leadership.
    And your skirt! post made me laugh. Yesterday we were at the pool too, with the elegant lunch of one muffin, two yogurt tubes, a milk box and a Capri sun, when my oldest said to me, “This was a fun day. Not a REALLY fun day, though.” Which makes me think I need to stop trying so hard. Just “fun” days are enough!

  2. I get the Panera thing. I freeze my arse off. If my kids’ teeth are chattering it is too cold. It might have something to do with the large ovens in the back…maybe.

    Also? At our panera? The most miserable people on the planet work the bagel counter on weekends. I’m afraid of them.

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