The Twitter Twatter of Little Tweets

That’s right. I caved. I joined twitter. Look for me under “shestartedit.” I did not really care to join twitter. Also, I don’t totally “get” twitter.  But I’m willing to throw myself into it to at least try it out. Follow me and let me know if I sound like an idiot, will you?

It’s this post from one of my favorite agent blogs that finally made me bite the bullet. I’d heard for months that it’s important to be on a variety of social networks to build your platform. But seeing it spelled out for me, made me think I should give it a try.

So I’m officially a Nit Twit.

The same day I signed up for twitter, my friend Miriam sent me a link to join SheWrites, a social networking site for women writers! As someone who is in the process of looking for agents for two different projects, it could not have come at a better time. Please join and look for me over there.

I realize I haven’t said anything about Michael Jackson’s death. I have not watched news coverage of the aftermath, nor did I watch the memorial service. I find the whole thing incredibly sad, particularly for his kids. But to be quite honest, I find the coverage of him to be so hypocritical. No one has given a rat’s ass about him since Thriller, unless they were making fun of him. Last week while standing in line at the grocery store, I was leafing through People magazine. The last page was entitled “Wacko Jacko” something or other, and was about how MJ had started wearing women’s clothes. The magazine was distributed before he died, and still in circulation after his death.

This morning I loaded the girls up in the minivan for a trip to the pool. Before we even made it out of our subdivision, rain started hammering my windshield. One block later, the thunder and lightening forced me into a complete turn-around. Once back at the house, the girls settled themselves at the table with crayons and paper. I leafed through our CD book (yes, we are retro here and listen to things called CDs) and found The Jackson 5 Ultimate Collection.

I cranked it up, and as the pellets of rain pounded our windows, we danced like hell around the living room in our bathing suits.

No, there will certainly never, ever be another MJ.


6 thoughts on “The Twitter Twatter of Little Tweets

  1. Thank you for saying it! He was a joke to so many for many many years. Most people have presumed that he is a pedophile without taking the time to evaluate the cases (IMO he is crazy crazy crazy, probably thinks of himself as a child, emotionally stunted, obviously had identity crises and was not willing to “grow up”-but I don’t think he’s a pedo) but now there’s an outpouring of love??? The thing is that he’s selling better than he has in years, so I think the exec types are fanning the flames to make sure his debts get paid off.

    I will disagree on one thing, though-the music industry and dancer/performer types have acknowledged his contribution to music and performance for years. Many, many, many modern music videos are outright tributes to him and openly acknowledge his influence on performance, music and art.

    I too feel bad for his children and I wish all the stage parents out there would recognise what happens when you turn your kids into your paycheck.

  2. Monkey,

    I think a lot of the tributes from the music industry to MJ over the past several years have been self-promoting — musicians promoting their own concerts, albums, etc. They want to succeed as performers, so they invoke his name because he’s a brand people pay attention to. Having one of his songs on their albums or singing a song in their concerts brings visibility and legitimacy. I’m not saying these artists aren’t being sincere in their admiration — obviously, the man was a genius and produced some amazing stuff. But acknowledging him only when they’re trying to promote themselves in the music industry is very self-serving. I wonder how many of these artists were really his friends. I wonder how many really stood by him during the pedophile charges. In the past several years, I have personally not heard/seen much that focuses on MJ, unless it’s in the form of wild gossip or scandal.

  3. I agree that people like to call out tribute to fan their own popularity-but I do see his dance moves incorporated into countless routines and videos (from Backstreet Boys to Justin Timberlake to Wade Robson in SYTYCD) and whenever the choreographers are called on it they basically admit that he was so groundbreaking that he ended up leaving a subtle imprint on them.

    Either way-the outpouring of love is incredibly hypocritical, I feel bad for the fishbowl his children are going to live in POST-death and I am pisssssssssed that the city of L.A. dipped into its reserve fund for the memorial.

  4. I know! I really hope Paris and his kids go back to leading the mostly hidden life they lead before. And I really, really hope that it was Paris who wanted to talk at the memorial service, not someone with an ulterior motive who wants to push her into the spotlight.

  5. hmmmm.
    I listened to the memorial “out takes” on NPR and that was as close as I got. I though Al Sharpton’s “he wasn’t strange, what he had to deal with was strange, and he did what he could to handle it” resonated the most with me. Because I do in fact feel like the case for pedophilia was pretty strong.

    But God, did I love his music! And I do think that it was too damn bad what happened to him, but it happened a looong time ago.

  6. Choosy,

    Please get on SheWrites — I’d love to see you there! I think I tried to send you an invite but it didn’t work…

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