They’re older; I’m wiser

I’m loving having older children.

I don’t even see them before 10 or 11 most mornings. They wake up and either read or play in their own rooms. Gone are the days with the early morning prods by little hands who demand an immediate bowl of cold cereal. Breakfast morphs into lunch here, and unless I have an errand to run or we go to the pool, I let them stay in their pjs all day.

My 7-year old has been taking showers without assistance for a while, and since we got 10-inches lopped off her hair, she’s been even washing and towel-drying her hair herself. Last night, I promised a popsicle to both kids if they would go up together and help each other take a shower, and wash and dry their hair. (My 5-year old can’t get the shampoo out of her hair without help.) To my husband’s and mine complete shock, they came down twenty minutes later in their pjs, with perfectly brushed hair.

Like I said, I am loving having older kids.

I wrote this piece a while back, tried to get it published in various places, but it was a no go. Now it’s up at skirt!


5 thoughts on “They’re older; I’m wiser

  1. Sooooo jealous. My 5-year-old not only insists on waking up before 6am each morning, she also cries and whines until my husband gets up with her (I’m already working on the computer at home before she wakes up). Everyone keeps telling me she’s just an early riser, that it’s her nature. But I wonder (cynically) if she’ll rise this early when she’s a teenager.

  2. Jennifer,

    Has she started Kindergarten yet? If now, perhaps Big Kid School will tucker her out?

  3. Isnt it the best? My girls are 7 and 10. The 10 is pretty much holed up in her room, reading, writing, making an origami zoo(!!) and other stuff.

    The 7 yr old is bossing her younger brothers, she sets up a classroom and teaches them color, alphabet and just recently she was trying to teach them rhyming words, Night,light,might… i was highly impressed with her.
    Just waiting for the boys to get to that age

  4. No…she starts in the fall. But kindergarten for her will be 8a-2p….and last year she went to preschool every day from 9a-1p, so I’m not sure it will make that much difference. I’ll keep my fingers crossed though!!! Once she’s up, she does play well by herself, most of the time. 🙂

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