So far, no good

I’ve sent out 26 queries so far, and received 8 rejections. Most of them are form rejections, but the few that aren’t are telling me that rhyming picture books are an impossible sell right now.



I’m having a little bit of tough time with researching agents, because a lot of them say they handle “children’s books” but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they handle picture books. When I research an agent, I look at the Writer’s Digest, Jeff Harmon’s Guide to Literary Agents, the agent’s website, and Do you know of any other places that I might be able to find out who does picture books? Oh, duh, I have a Guide to Literary Agents sitting right here.

I’m also having trouble focusing and sticking to one task at a time. For example, I’ve recently dusted off the first draft of a young adult novel I started 10 years ago. And I’m thinking, “Hmmm, let me give it a go and see what happens.” Maybe I should give myself some sort of schedule. Like — Monday, query for picture book; Tuesday, work on draft of YA novel; Wednesday, edit nonfiction book proposal. Or should I just stick to one project? Thoughts?

I’m way, way off Broadway, over at skirt!


5 thoughts on “So far, no good

  1. I often switch from project to project if I’m feeling “cold” or discouraged about one and feel a need to reinvigorate myself. Try it and see if it works for you, you know? Have you checked out the SCBWI? They might be able to help you in a more specific, targeted way.

    26 queries sounds great. Maybe trying a new project for awhile would keep you from thinking too much about the 18 you haven’t heard from, you know?

  2. I think coming up with a schedule and working on multiple projects at once is a great idea. The schedule will keep you focused, and the change fo projects will keep you fresh.

  3. I am still just in awe of the fact that you are out there trying.
    I think diversity sounds good and it seems like that might help with any pesmism that you might begin to feel.

    Good luck.
    And congratulations!

  4. I don’t know what I would do if I were you. I’d probably systematically finish everything that I started, send it off to friends to be polished, revamp the crap out of it and then start with the next. In this case, it’s really not you, it’s the industry.

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