Plan B

In retrospect, I did a fabulous job planning for my family for the summer months, and a very poor job planning for me and my own needs. Several months back, I had my husband put in for vacation days to see his family. We then mapped out when we’d go, making sure we were with my niece for her graduation, and at my in-laws’ for a week. I got the car checked out (since we’re driving everywhere). I put my two older girls in a few weeks of camp, and found time for some swim lessons at our gym in between. I scheduled their dental visits, and planned a birthday party.

Unfortunately,  I did not plan out my own needs very well.

I’m trying to fit in querying agents for my children’s book with the kids at home, and it’s taking me a lot more time than I thought. Yesterday, I sent out only five. I had also wanted to finish up my other book proposal, and start querying agents for that as well. At this rate, it’ll be well into July before that one’s ready to go. I know it’s a little early for me to bemoan how little I’ve gotten done this summer, but I’m 3.5 weeks into it (my kids got out before Memorial Day) and I’m not nearly where I want to be.

The good news is that the older two (7 year and as of yesterday, 5 years) are doing a fabulous job entertaining themselves thus far. I intervene to feed them and break up fights. Otherwise, they have been relatively low maintenance. The baby still sticks to me like glue and loves banging on my laptop, but then she tricks her older sisters into entertaining her, which gives me a little more time. Of course, it’s early in the break. I’m sure things will unravel soon enough.

High Five, is up at skirt!


4 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. Man, have I been there. Five queries a day actually sounds great to me, though, you know? I’m sure you’ve already thought all the productive things, like breaking your lists into smaller lists and doing things a little chunk at a time– I think all of us know that drill. If it takes till July, then so be it. July sounds like a good month for proposals and queries to me :). Imagine me cheering you on while you take it step by step.

  2. I don’t know why I’m complaining — years ago people actually sent paper? Sheesh, I don’t think I would have done this at all if it wasn’t for email…

  3. Ah, yes, but if you did it on paper, at least you’d already have two child labourers on hand to make the job easier 😉

    All that definitely sounds like you’re making progress; I know it’s a race against time, but try to also not be too tough on yourself. And please include some ‘me-time’ in that scheduling for yourself…

    PS-are you being totally realistic in the time you think something will take? That’s one of my biggest pitfalls, and it’s really disheartening when you often don’t meet your self-imposed deadlines. It sucks when you think something will take forever, but if you get in done in that time, it’s definitely a boost 😀

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