On the down Loh

The Atlantic finally put Loh’s piece online. Laura at 11D adds her thoughts, which are similar to your own. There’s a video, for anyone who’s bored.


5 thoughts on “On the down Loh

  1. Well… I have mixed feelings about this article. It doesn’t make me feel very sympathetic toward Tsing Loh or her friends — on the other hand I don’t completely disagree with some of her ideas. I’ve contemplated many of the same things. I do sympathize with her in one way and that is that if she’s actually going through a divorce, of course it’s only natural for her to be trying to find reasons why her choices aren’t going to damage her children for life — it is really complicated (not just with marriage but working and breastfeeding and all parenting choices really) to tend to your own needs while still feeling confident that you’re giving your children what they need. Very very difficult. Still, I find this article to be vitriolic and man-bashing in general.

  2. I had mixed feelings as well. I liked the beginning of the piece, because I thought we’d hear about how hard marriage can be, and what she believed led to the end of hers. I was disappointed that she very briefly mentioned her husband being away for a good bit of the year, and her affair — and instead blamed marriage itself. If she had concentrated on her personal dissolution, she probably would have connected with a lot of her readers.

  3. I caught the tail end of her interview on local NPR station KCRW on the way back from my dental appointment. She came off as very uncomfortable-quite unlike her usual self. Someone called in to say that the article rationalised her infidelity and she was obviously caught off guard, stuttered for some sort of answer and told him not to worry, that she was suffering. There’s going to be some sort of followup article in the Atlantic Monthly next month.

    All in all I feel bad for her and I think this article is something she will look back on with regret. Having listened to her interview I feel increasingly that she felt she had to write something about the situation and her usual style and analysis fell flat. She should have issued a brief statement about her divorce and avoided the topic as fodder for her work-it is starting to come off a bit like a trainwreck. Too bad because she is really funny and really intelligent and I quite enjoy her work (apart from this piece).

  4. I think that I have to acknowledge that like a lot of really talented people, she may just be a jerk in her personal life (every interview I’ve read or listened to on this story does reveal a level of narcissism). She does seem to love her children, though, and I’ll stand by my assertion that she’s hilarious on the Loh Life and Loh Down on Science.

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