The Giving Tree

There’s a tree on the property behind mine that’s about to topple into my backyard (it’s already split in half, but a neighboring tree is holding it up). So, who pays for the tree removal? Me? Them? Do we split it? I tried to contact three different tree removal services on, and all three were out of business. This morning I saw a removal company in my neighborhood, pulled over, and got their number for an estimate.

I feel like such an ass. I incorrectly informed a potentially awesome new babysitter that I needed her today, instead of tomorrow. She showed up bright and early this morning, and I had to send her home. What shall I do to make it up to her? Get her a giftcard for Starbucks, perhaps? I would have paid her for gas, but she lives just down the road.

I’m still stewing in the awkwardness of last night’s jon & kate plus 8 episode, over at skirt! (P.S. skirt! has redesigned the website and it looks awesome. Check it out!)


9 thoughts on “The Giving Tree

  1. Check out for arborists in your area. They would probably also be able to tell you who should pay for the removal. My *guess* is that the neighbors should and that you could. The best might be to ask them to remove it and offer to pay part of the costs.

  2. We had the same thing almost exactly. Our backyard neighbors had a huge tree that was living and gorgeous on their side, dead and hideous on ours, and was routinely dropping dead branches on our lawn. One windy morning, the “branch” that fell was the size of the (small) tree in our backyard. It cleaved the tree in half and scared the daylights out of my kids and me, as we were sitting in our playroom, looking out the glass wall to the backyard, watching what looked like a tree fly towards where we were.
    Of course, that made it easy to write them a nice note to say, “Let’s all be grateful that my kids and my dog were not in the yard when this happened, and can we agree it’s time the tree came down? Here’s the number of a really good, really cheap tree guy if you want it.” And to their enormous good credit, they had the tree down within the week. If they had asked, I was willing to chip in, but they didn’t ask.
    It’s touchy, I know. To ask someone to remove something from their property at their expense in these times seems nervy. But if it is impacting your property, you have the right to ask, or to at least start the conversation.
    And I love the idea of either a Starbucks or gas card as an “oops” gift. Nothing’s too much to keep a good sitter happy!
    And don’t miss Moxie’s blog about J+K+8 too. So so so sad. I totally remember that about the coffee. I’ll bet Kate does too. And isn’t it interesting that the problems started when *he* gave up his job and sacrificed that part of his life for his family. Not to be snippy but I think few men realize the extent of the psychic difficulty in this, and women are expected to just deal when we leave our careers for our families–since we’re the moms.
    I didn’t mind the tummy tuck (I mean, can you imagine the stretch of that many growing babies?) but I agree, it got less interesting when it got more staged. I was blaming it on the Simpsons adage “the older they get, the cuter they ain’t” but that’s not it. It’s that they were so creative–they had to be–in the beginning with their solutions to everyday life. And once it became a machine–and I can see where it would be hard to prevent that–it lost a lot of its charm. They didn’t, but their show did. And with 8 kids to support, I’m sure you’ll try lots of stuff to keep it afloat and supporting the family. But oy, at what cost? My heart goes to both of them.

  3. Anjali, your link goes back to Facebook for me. Is skirt on facebook now or something?

  4. I’m so glad you brought that up — the fact that Jon seemed to become disenchanted when he became the stay at home parent. And now that she’s working, it seems that she’s the one abandoning the family…

    The tummy tuck didn’t bother me, either. But the hair plugs that followed. (I don’t have a problem with him getting them, but the fact that there was a whole episode about it.)

    I really truly hope they can work it out. Because what they once had was a very, very good thing.

  5. Sorry, I changed the link, so hopefully it goes directly to the skirt! page.

    When I post to skirt, I click the FB button so that the post then shows up on my homepage at FB. I must have linked to the original post through my FB account.

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Reality tv is rarely reality. And it ruins normal people. I know it probably started out innocently enough, as a way to provide for their children and college and such, but it has snowballed into exploitation. Now they are tabloid fodder. They need to repair in peace.

  7. Funny – we JUST trimmed branches off of OUR tree that were hanging in our neighbor’s yard. The neighbor asked us to and we went into her yard to do it. And we did not question it – it is OUR tree, right?

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