But wait, there’s MORE!

Megan McArdle uncovered some key information in Andrew’s road to subprime mortgage debt. It really changes the whole story. If you weren’t sympathetic toward him before, this essay is going to make you want to kill him now. 

I’m a very proud mommy today. Yesterday afternoon, I took both Big Girls to the hairdresser. They each had 10 inches cut off, which we are mailing to Locks of Love. I can hardly recognize them! And they love their new looks.

Today is the last day of school. Let the games begin. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


2 thoughts on “But wait, there’s MORE!

  1. Congrats on the Locks of Love donations! I’ll bet the change is dramatic but I’m sure their beautiful faces are more so let out from under all that hair!
    And thanks for the link. I give the guy (some) credit for not dragging his first spouse in to this but it sounds like her financial “strategy” may have influenced him more than he cares to admit or examine.

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