May Days

Yesterday began the last three weeks of school, a time period I find even more frenetic than the three weeks before Christmas. There are Field Days and Class Plays and Class Parties. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, so I have to send the girls to school with something every day  for their teachers. (Why can’t they move this week to earlier in the school year when nothing else is going on?) Then there’s the end-of-year teacher gifts. If I were a working parent, I would be pulling all the hair out of my head by now. I don’t know how one finds the time to take off of work for school events (particularly in this economy) and gather up a bunch of stuff every single day to send to school. As for me, for every school event I go to, I have to shell out $10 per hour to a babysitter (I can’t bring the baby to the indoor events).

This year must be especially hard for a lot of people. I’m surprised there was no effort to consolidate or do away with some things. For example, instead of every student bringing in a book for the classroom for Teacher Appreciation, what about just 5 students (and the others bring in flowers or cards). Even though most of the items requested are cheap (homemade cards, snacks, school supplies), these things add up, particularly when you have more than 1 child in school.

Saturday I had a lovely surprise in the mail: I received my copies of Call Me Okaasan.

Suzanne has put together a beautiful collection that weaves multicultural stories about family. My piece is a revised version of a former mamazine column.

I’ll write more about the book, and perhaps do a full blown review, soon.

Andrew Sullivan has been talking a ton in the past several weeks about the Bush Administration and torture. I can’t keep up with all of his posts. What I don’t understand is how all these evangelical Christians in the former White House can condone torture. How do they reconcile this with their God? What makes him better than fundamentalist Muslims who use Allah to justify terrorism? I would love to sit down with Bush and ask him these questions. And then I would vomit all over his lap.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!


7 thoughts on “May Days

  1. Remind me to send you the sad link to the study: the more religiously devout an American is, the more likely s/he is to condone torture. Sickening. And I say that as a weekly massgoer.

  2. As a teacher myself, I find it a little disturbing that your children have to bring in something every day of the week for their teacher. Also, I wouldn’t really want ‘forced’ appreciation. If the child wants to do something from their heart that’s wonderful, but otherwise it has very little meaning.

  3. They LOVE doing something for their teachers. But just the first day. The 4-year old especially is just too tired to come up with a cute saying to go with the gift-snack, then picking a flower, then making a card, etc.

  4. I’m a teacher too, and I think that’s nuts. My girls’ school does a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast, for which anonymous volunteers send in food/giftcards for buffets and giveaways and kids are allowed to send in cards. That’s it. In my school (private), the parents association does a Teacher Appreciation lunch after school for us, and we each get a small gift. A week is just crazy, and asking for something different each day? Nuts.

  5. “What I don’t understand is how all these evangelical Christians in the former White House can condone torture. How do they reconcile this with their God?”

    well, because they aren’t torturing christians so that makes it ok!! duh! now if the other side did the same thing to americans that would be ENTIRLEY different! but these are not american christian people these are ENEMY COMBATANTS…. see, not even people…that is how they justify it.

  6. we have the same thing. Bring a wrapped snack day,Bring a flower,bring a fruit. Oh my god!.

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