Double Take

Two things have me shocked this week:

1.) Arlen Specter, a Democrat? What the hell? Is this just so he has a chance at getting re-elected?

2.) Sarah Jessica Parker has a surrogate who is pregnant with twin girls? I thought she was done! But more importantly, she’s still going to make another SATC movie, right? (Oh, please God…)

I’m walking a fine line, over at skirt!


5 thoughts on “Double Take

  1. I thought the same thing when I heard the Sarah Jessica Parker news! Glad for her, but there had better be another Sex and the City movie!!!

  2. Re: Arlen. Cynics (ie, Republicans) say this is just him trying desperately to be reelected. Realists say, He has actually done just what the people he represents have done. He saves me the trouble of registering as a Republican this time around. I don’t always agree with him but he is good at communicating with constituents before and after decisions and that’s what I ask for from my representatives.
    Didn’t realize that SJP was using a surrogate. Here’s me speculating where I have no right to do so whatsoever: wonder if it was because of her age, her size, or the movie? Just wondering. More power to them no matter the reasons. And good luck to James Wilkie, either way.
    And I loved your skirt piece. For some reason it rarely lets me log in so I’ll say here: you yourself have put a finger on some of the issues: the cellphones, the increased traffic, neighborhoods that aren’t quite the same (more fences, busier streets, fewer grownups you know at home). Plus, with my kids, there’s the wild card factor (I know they are younger, but still): will they remember to do what we agreed? Or will something else be more attractive and make me call the police in fear that something’s gone wrong when in fact they are just swinging or petting a dog or some other innocent diversion that ages me 10 years in 5 minutes?

  3. I’m happy about Specter. It’s about damn time. I just think — it would have been NICE if he had done this 6-12 months ago, when his party really could have used his support in a crucial election. Not that his defection isn’t crucial now. It’s just that if the presidential race had gone the other way, I would have been really PISSED if he decided afterward, “Oh, OK, I’ll be a Democrat already.”

  4. I love you for loving the SATC movie (which I own on DVD). I’ll go see the next one, no matter how ridiculous the plot may end up.

  5. He was a RINO, and now he’s a DINO. Basically, just a bonehead who thinks this will get him reelected. Honestly, he’s probably an independent, but he’s made everyone so angry on both sides of the aisle, he would be well served to be planning his retirement.

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