Face Off

If you asked me ten years ago where I got most of my information about the world, I would have rattled off a list of newspapers and magazines, both local and national, and NPR.

If you asked me five years ago, I’d still say NPR, but less so. I would have eliminated most print media, and included several news websites.

If you asked me one year ago, I would have said blogs. Not that I read blogs as the news, but my favorite blogs, for the most part, link to articles about big news stories. Many of the blogs I love share the same viewpoint as I do, so reading them essentially removes the “research” component of searching for news. Instead of clicking on random links on cnn.com to get highlights, a blog post sets up the news story for me and quotes the most significant points of the piece. It’s just plain easier.

But what I’m finding now, is that I’m starting to get more and more news from Facebook. My friends are posting video, articles, commentary — everything. When I log in, on one or two pages, I can get a glimpse of what’s going on in the world. (I first learned about the plane landing on the Hudson River from Facebook.) If Moveon.org and Momsrising.org are the standard for virtual PACs today, Facebook seems to be the new era of community organizing. Instead of canvassing neighborhoods with pamphlets, we just canvass our friends by instantaneously sending them links,  posting to our own Wall, or changing our status. This is essentially what was going on leading up to the election.

And via 11d I’ve learned that now Facebook is talking about Gaza. Well, good for Facebook. Because I’d rather have people argue back and forth, even if it is just slinging insults, than shooting rockets.

Next spicy post is up at skirt! Have a lovely weekend.


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