Yes, Virginia

I am a night person with insomniac tendencies. I rarely make it to bed by 11. I wake up several times a night, and begin nearly every day exhausted.

Last night when it was only 9, I became unbelievably tired. I made my way upstairs to our bedroom. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling. I was so damn mentally fatigued from thinking about this election.

My husband came up with the laptop. “Is there anything you want to know?”

“Yes,” I told him. “Virginia. I want to know what is happening in Virginia.”

We pulled up the live count of the ballots.

McCain was up by 8,000.

One minute later, we hit the “Refresh” button. They were counting Fairfax County.

McCain up by 4,000.

McCain up by 2,000.

Then, a switch. Obama up by 1,000.

Obama up by 3,000.

I told my husband to wake me up when he came to bed and tell me who won.

I fell into a restless sleep.

A little after 11, he crawled in next to me and said, “Obama. They are all now projecting it’s Obama.”

I slept for the next 7.5 hours straight, only waking when the alarm went off.

It’s the best night sleep I’ve had in years.


10 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia

  1. I didn’t watch either! I couldn’t stand another moment of watching North Carolina! My son’s kindergarten class voted yesterday, and out of 24 kids it was an exact tie – and so goes my new home state.

    Anyway, congratulations on your good night’s sleep! And congratulations to all of us who have a new President.

  2. I couldn’t stop watching. I was up until 2am (although that was also me following CA’s prop 8). And even this morning, despite watching McCain’s concession speech, all I could think about was 2000 and 2004 when it swung the other way. Like what if the entire west coast went insane and voted Republican? I held my breath as I turned on the news.

    Congrats on a good nights sleep!

  3. When I took the kids to school this morning, a little black boy ran up to my little brown son and excitedly shouted, “Obama won, [CutiePie], he won!!!!!!”

    That was the moment I’d been waiting for! I don’t think either of the kids really understood how exciting the moment was, but I sure did! These two little boys have a very different future laid out before them now! I couldn’t be happier for them!

  4. We stayed up and stayed up and stayed up… CA Props 4 (parental notification) and 8 weren’t called until this morning.

    But oh, the speeches! The “yes we can” call and response! The tens (maybe two hundred!) of thousands of people in and around Grant Park! It was a great night.

  5. I went to bed last night before it was completely over, though the result was a foregone conclusion.

    My husband woke me up this morning and told me that McCain had pulled off an upset. I yelled at him. Bad bad joke.

  6. I’m so grateful for the time difference. I did ditch three sets of rounds to watch the coverage from abc and cnn, but aside from that, I had no issues watching it all live.

    It was really slow in the middle though, and I’m never one to count my chickens, so I was nervous right up until California.

    I didn’t even realise my voice could go as high as it did when we actually won.

  7. Took a walk yesterday . . . realized that the “W-04” bumper stickers no longer make my blood boil.

    So exciting. So much better than 2004.

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